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The art of Seership refers to intuitive, spirit-driven guidance. This 6-week course offers an intellectual and experiential study into an array of divinatory tools used within women’s shamanism. The latin divinare meant to be inspired by a god, or the divine. Seers of the ancient past would engage with these tools to offer inspiration to those who sought it in times of need.

Learning these arts can result in client-work, offering them in service to those who seek guidance. On a personal level, incorporating these tools into daily living can begin to carve a life that is evermore spirit-driven, rather than ego-driven.



These classes are held live on Zoom on Fridays for two hours, from 5-7pm UK time. Recordings are available for anyone who cannot make the live schedule.


There will be optional practices to undertake between sessions, including dreamwork, and some materials to purchase for the crafting of some of the divinatory tools.

Open to anyone who identifies as a woman or with the inner womb space.

UPCOMING:  Begins April 29th, and runs for 6 consecutive Fridays, 5-7pm UK time

RATE:  280 GBP



I have never seen a unique course like this being offered anywhere before, so I naturally jumped at the chance to participate.  I would highly recommend this inconceivably vast, powerful and extremely important work to all who feel called to take this journey, to deep dive into the obsidian lake within and learn how to gather ancient, sacred and buried knowledge.  I am 100x more confident in my abilities and talents as a practicing seer.  We were introduced to many new techniques and divinatory tools that were both exciting and mind-blowing!  I loved every second.


Gabriela is a fountain of knowledge and also very importantly a skilled teacher and facilitator who creates a safe space for her groups to travel, unravel, uncover the missing pieces of the great puzzle and then put it all back together again.  I felt held, protected, enlightened and exhilarated every step of the way.

Britt Seel | Costume Designer | South Africa


Over the last few weeks I have been taking this class facilitated by Gabriela to deepen my own practice and the work I do in my 1:1 readings, and I am just feeling so grateful to be learning from such a beautiful, wise woman, teacher and keeper of knowledge.  This work has been calling me my whole life and I just never had a name to call it by.  I feel like I’m being initiated finally, like I’m really coming into my whole self.  It’s a huge inspiration and lights the hearth of my soul to know there are women like her still.

Chelsee Joel | Herbalist | Ohio, USA


Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and for providing a space in which we can go deeper - which for me feels like a remembrance of who I am, connecting the past, present and future.

Kelsey Queenan | Rhode Island, USA


I loved the pace of the course and the amount of content. There was lots to do each week, but I felt it gave a real immersion and full rounding to the subject. It was just what I was looking for and I'm really looking forward to deepening my practices and relationship with the tools. Thank you so much! This work has been my lockdown joy and inspiration. It would have been a very different experience without it.


Julia Alderman | Yoga Teacher & Nutritional Therapist UK 


Layer by layer, veil by veil, Gabriela beautifully and masterfully shows the way in the remembrance of women's divinatory arts. Seership was yet another deepening into a womb and spirit driven life, allowing me to access more information for myself and others. I can't speak enough of the importance of this work, all of my gratitude to Gabriela for holding this container for these timeless teachings so that they may live on for generations to come. 


Madison Vinje Accountant & Medicine Woman | Minnesota USA 


Gabriela holds a space with such love and care that it’s truly a pleasure to learn from her. I found myself walking through the many fears and doubts that have kept me from trusting my own inner knowing, and wisdom within myself. Since Seership, the divinatory arts have opened me to a life of depth and fulfillment. I have come to know myself and my path in a much clearer and deeper way. My dreams are blossoming, intimate friendships have been made, and my heart, my soul feel nourished, full, tended to. Learning these arts and tending to these ways weave meaning and beauty into each day. I now move through life gentler, softer, living in a way that feels honest, beautiful and true. 


Thank you Gabriela, I am truly grateful.

Courtney DeFrancesco Mentor and Guide Massachusetts USA

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