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These private sessions offer personalised support using experiential techniques to support in all life's endeavours.

 For students enrolled in the online classes, mentorship allows for a deepening of the work in a more intimate setting with personalised attention.



I have had transformative experiences working with Gabriela on several occasions. She continuously creates a safe container where I can go deep and explore the inner workings of my being. She is a beautiful soul who has a strong desire to help in the healing process.

 — Erika Cartagena · Life Coach · Colombia

I am so grateful for Gabriela and this work. Our last few sessions have been so illuminating and healing for me.  These practices have changed my life in so many ways and I am so very grateful.  I don't have the words to thank her from my heart.

— Jillian Cookingham · Dancer · New Jersey, USA

I can't even begin to describe how working with Gabriela over the past three months has helped and inspired me - I truly feel that I am now finally continually remembering who I really am, recovering lost parts of myself I didn't even know I'd lost, and finding my own true path.

— Stacey Jennings · Writer · France

I was skeptical the first meeting with Gabriela because she is younger than me, but I have been humbled by her depth and wisdom. She has been my teacher for 3+ years and I am privileged to learn from her and be included in her circle of women. My life has been so enriched and healed on so many levels. I have such gratitude for her!

— Beth Gersten · Artist · New Jersey, USA

It's hard to find the words to describe the depth of the experience of being in one of Gabriela's sessions, whether it’s a one-on-one or in a group.  What I know is that I feel held with love and compassion and guided into the sacred ancient practices by someone who embodies the wisdom of the teachings. Hers are the sessions I turn to for deep healing and transformation. 

— Kim Bradle · Yoga Teacher · New Jersey, USA



The philosophy behind these sessions does not approach healing as an end goal. Nor does it strive towards an abstract notion of wholeness. Perhaps a way to demystify the concept of healing as it is approached here would be in borrowing the words of Ursula K. Le Guin, and describing it as “the fixing of that which is broken, and the finding of that which is lost.”

These sessions incorporate energy medicine with the oracular arts in order to, ultimately, restore a more lucid sense of who were are and why we are here.


I sought a healing session with Gabriela to deepen my remembrance and connection with my ancestors. Since that session, there has been a HUGE opening, and softening of my voice & expression in this world; and I have noticed remembrances and similar changes to women in my family and country too. 


I have been deepening and softening into this work more through 1:1 sessions with Gabriela and quite frankly, my being has changed. It is quite difficult to put into words how much has grown and blossomed since starting this work; the only way I can describe it is as a homecoming. I have found freedom and sovereignty through this work, starting with the healing session, and I am eternally grateful. 

— Leila Ghaddar · Holistic Therapist · Lebanon

Gabriela’s gentle manner belies the power which she is capable of manifesting through a distance healing. The work she did for me sunk very deep, and rippled out in very concrete evolutions in my life. In a flash what had been percolating ideas were being acted upon with confidence and momentum. 

In our follow up chat, Gabriela offered to do some extra work for me, a soul retrieval. Aside from the kindness and such generosity, again I can now look back and see that my achievements since then were a galvanising of the influence of this work. My immense gratitude and respect go to Gabriela, and I would recommend to anyone that they could trust her skill and sincerity with this work. 

— Dechen Shaw · Writer · Wales

I was very lucky to be receive a healing from Gabriela. The session was performed over Zoom as I lay in my work room. It felt like she was physically present with me and it was very powerful.


The song Gabriela sang really touched my heart and opened it to healing. I experienced a shift in my life and work and the connection with my body became much more apparent. It felt like an important step on my path, preordained out of time and now offered and accepted with tangible change. Thank you Gabriela.


—  Mary H · Doctor · England

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