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We must die as egos and be born again in the swarm, not separated and self-hypnotized, but individual and related. 


 — Henry Miller

Initiatory teachings tell us that we must learn how to die to fully live. Spiritual deaths are ways of clearing the old debris we accumulate throughout life. In shamanism, a form of spiritual death is called dismemberment. Belonging to the family of “death mysteries,” it is a process of dissolution which may lead to renewal and a return “to the bones,” the essentials of being.


These ceremonies take place monthly, on the last Sunday of every month.

Open to all genders.
8 - 9:30pm UK | £22

UPCOMING: June, July & August

First timer, or want to sign up for a single ceremony? Click here


Please note: There is a 10% discount when signing up for 3 ceremonies.


The Mineads "kill" Orpheus, Emile Bin, 1847

Dismemberment image.webp

Separation of body and soul, from the alchemical manuscript 'Splendor Solis,' 1882

The Dismemberment of Watakame, by Jose Benitez Sanchez, yarn painting, Huichol, Mexico, 1973

Danse-Macabre, Wiener.jpeg

Without conscious rituals of loss and renewal, individuals and societies lose the capacity to experience the sorrows and joy that are essential for feeling fully human. Without them, life flattens out, and meaning drains from both living and dying. Soon there is a death of meaning and an increase in meaningless deaths.


 — Mircea Eliade


What a beautiful event!  It was a wonderful gift to end this crazy month.  I experienced the ceremony very deeply, and felt full of new energy afterwards. ​ Gabriela is very talented transmitting the work and expressing herself.  I loved how each sound took me on a journey to different places.  A thousand thank yous for sharing it with me. 

  — Claudio Araño Hernandez · Student ·  Spain

Amazingly powerful Dismemberment tonight.  I went do deep that it was hard to speak after.  There was a sense of endings and new beginnings... and your words really resonated.  Thank you, dear one, for holding the space for us - as always - impeccably.

 — Lucy Coats ·  Writer ·  UK

Oh queen! That Dismemberment is exactly  what I needed. My Dismemberment spirit allies showed up in powerful and transforming ways - from my hoo doo lineage - they don't fuck around!  Thanks so much for creating and holding that space.  Much love, I'll be back!

 — Nicole France-Coe ·  Artist ·  USA

The Dismemberment Ceremony can result in a radical or subtle experience, or even both concurrently. Through Gabriela’s simple and straightforward guidance I inevitably experience a shift, a relaxation from my internal clinching and insight flows. I am a repeat customer that fully embraces the idea of “Keep coming back. It works if you work it and you’re worth it."

— Carlisle Vandervoort ·  Filmmaker & Beekeeper ·  Texas, USA

Through the act of finding Gabriela I found a part of me that was longing to be woken up. A part of my being that holds an ancient sense of knowing. There is still so much that I want to discover about Shamanism and I wouldn’t want to learn from anyone but Gabriela. Joining her monthly dismemberments has been liberating me from energy blocks that have been holding me back. If you are curious about the magnetic world of Shamanism, don’t seek further.

— Zelmare Al Qubaisi ·  Founder of Soul and Skin Wellness ·  Dubai, UAE

Working with Gabriela has brought a peace to my life that I didn’t know was possible. Through the Dismemberment Ceremonies, which I have been attending monthly for nearly a year, I have learned to look within myself to find solace and reconciliation. Her patient guidance throughout the ceremonies has reminded me of the importance of tenderness in my daily life. I look forward to the ceremony each month and think of it as a grounding force as I flip to the next page in my calendar.

— Garvin Gaston ·  High School Math Teacher ·  Texas, USA

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