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Welcome to my new blog!

This has been a long time coming.

I've been travelling for a decade now, but only ever wrote for myself (and occasional e-mails to my parents!). After years of nudges from friends, I've decided to change that!

This will be a blog where I will gather all my findings and turn them into a type of map. My hope is that this map can serve as a guide to help you live a more fulfilled, holistic and sustainable life. I'll write about changes you can make in your lives, based on my own findings from 10 years of deep study, that I hope will help you as well as our planet.

I have spent years traveling to war zones, temples, nunneries and shamans, to learn from native cultures that still live in harmony with the Earth, in search of purity, truth, and a healing balm for what I felt was a deep wound within the spirit of humankind.

My experiences felt very private and I kept them mostly to myself (for the most part I didn't even have a phone, let alone social media!). I felt I had to disconnect from modern technologies to really be present with the experiences I was having and to fully meet myself in my aloneness. Disconnect to reconnect, if you know what I mean.

The conclusion I've come to is that the only way we can transform the world is by transforming ourselves. So my philosophy is: transform the outer world from within!

My journey is far from complete, but I'm now feeling it's time to share it, with the hope that it might inspire hope and action in whoever might read it.

In my next posts, I'll be sharing plastic-free and zero waste tips on anything from food to cosmetics, travel and clothing.

The food recipes I'll be sharing will be plant-based, organic, and always plastic-free! My boyfriend is an amazing chef and he's recently started his zero waste journey and stopped eating meat. So I'll also be sharing his recipes and ones we've concocted together. As some of you know we're putting together a zero waste, vegan cookbook, so stay tuned for that, too!

I'll also be writing about a more holistic approach to life based on ancient shamanic teachings that I apprentice in. I really feel that if we knew ourselves to be connected to all living things, we would live in a much more sustainable way, and just generally be happier.

So if you'd like to receive updates on my tips and tricks and whatnots, subscribe to my mailing list below!

With love!

Gabriela xox

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