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A lecture series on the historical context of women's religious experience

in pre-patriarchal Europe

In an academic and social climate that gives precedence to the history of war, conquest, and the lives of kings, many have begun to ask the question, “where were the women?” This class hopes to begin to answer that question.

You will be presented with some of the roles, activities, beliefs and practices of ancient women from Europe from approximately 60,000 - 1500 BC, who were once the intermediaries between the people and the gods. Their roles were considered essential in the maintenance of harmony, both social and ecological, and by uncovering their wisdom, we may be able to contribute to restoring balance in our own world during these troubled times.

The classes are part lecture, part experiential practice and explore the worldview, teachings and practices of these ancient women.  There will be a visualisation to connect with the womb as the seat of wisdom and power in the body and as the gateway between this world and the other, with space for sharing and questions at the end. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Recordings will be sent out manually via email within 24 hours after purchase. 

Seated Woman of Catalhoyuk c_edited_edit




In the Neolithic Settlements of Old Europe

Venus of Laussel_edited_edited.jpg

In the Caves of Palaeolithic Spain and France

Snake Goddess, Crete, Neopalatial Period

In the Mystery Cults of

Pre-Hellenic Greece



“The most amazing, thorough and deeply informative event. I was captivated, thank you!” 

Molly Chinner



"Thank you for sharing your work and research last night. Always good to touch base with beginnings and access our bone deep knowings. 

And yes, I agree with you....leaving our sacred tools out in the elements as if they were nothing at that archeological site is so very sad. How much history has been worked into those tools through the hands of women, how many stories told, songs sung, bellies filled. Yet another example of how much work that needs to be done to restore balance to the world."

Suzanne Roland-Jones 


“Gabriela’s lecture was fascinating and incredibly informative, and the journey afterwards eye-opening and soul-affirming (to say the least!). I look forward to attending many more sessions with her in the future. Highly recommended.”


Lucy Coats


"I thoroughly enjoyed your sharing of discoveries and your seership of a cosmovision of pre history. Thank you."


Charlotte Kessler


“Really insightful session, perfect balance between academic and experiential learning.”




"This was an exquisite event!"

Natascha Boehler


"It has been a soulful experience sprinkled with simplicity & natural flow."


Eirini Delaki


"Great presentation. Very thorough information and enjoyable journeying session."

Kathy Lytle


"Having just returned from a trip to Crete this lecture was amazing. Thanks Gabriela I will be following you for more inspiration."

Suzanne Garand

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