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When Women Were the Shamans

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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society

Curated by True Nature UK

A lecture series on the historical context of women’s mystery teachings in pre-patriarchal Europe with scholar Gabriela Gutierrez.


Please Note: If you cannot attend the live class, a recording will be available. Please sign up and then send an email to Gabriela at with a snapshot of your ticket purchase and let her know you will need a recording.

In an academic and social climate that gives precedence to the history of war, conquest, and the lives of kings, many have begun to ask the question, “where were the women?” This class hopes to begin to answer that question.

You will be presented with some of the roles, activities, beliefs and practices of ancient women from Europe from approximately 60,000 - 1500 BC, who were once the intermediaries between the people and the gods. Their roles were considered essential in the maintenance of harmony, both social and ecological, and by uncovering their wisdom, we may be able to contribute to restoring balance in our own world during these troubled times.

This will be part lecture, part experiential practice exploring the worldview, teachings and practices of these ancient women.  There will be a visualisation to connect with the womb as the seat of wisdom and power in the body and as the gateway between this world and the other, with space for sharing and questions at the end. 

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