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Women's Shamanism



And [God] said to [Adam]: Who is it who had instructed you?

And Adam answered, "The woman who you have given me."

And the woman said, "The serpent is the one who instructed me."

- The Testimony of Truth (a Gnostic text, 2nd-3rd centuries, as quoted by Jeffrey J. Kripal in The Serpent's Gift)

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The art of Seership refers to intuitive, spirit-driven guidance. This 6-week course offers an intellectual and experiential study into an array of divinatory tools used within women’s shamanism. The latin divinare meant to be inspired by a god, or the divine. Seers of the ancient past would engage with these tools to offer inspiration to those who sought it in times of need.

Learning these arts can result in client-work, offering them in service to those who seek guidance. On a personal level, incorporating these tools into daily living can begin to carve a life that is evermore spirit-driven, rather than ego-driven.



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