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Islamic Mughal Empire- Angel with triple wings and a white leopard’s head, c. 1750. irequi

Rooted in the mythic notion of the polytheistic self and the idea that we are comprised of many parts - some human, some animal, some angel - this course is aimed at uncovering these secret selves and beginning to form a relationship with them. Each week, we will be exploring one of these aspects through myth, story, soul flight and dreamwork. 

The course will draw on the teachings of the medieval Islamic Scholars and Sufi Mystics, the wisdom traditions of the ancient Mediterranean, the cross-cultural shamanic worldview, and the animistic cosmology of pre-history.

Open to all genders.

RATE:  280 GBP

Please fill out the contact form to be added to the waitlist for this self-study course.



Thank you! This course was exactly what I needed in a way that I can’t explain. In a way I am sure you understand. You have walked me back to very precious parts of myself. The parts where my source of peace and love rest. So grateful to know you and to know through you.

Mariam Daher | Lebanon


Gabriela has put together a beautiful course exploring three major aspects of the self. As per her amazing style, it combines research, theory, and experiential practice that pleases the mind and profoundly shifts the entire being. I have had the privilege of participating in this course a few times, and it is consistently profoundly transformative. You will get to deepen your relationship with different aspects of yourself, gathering threads of gnosis to inform how you will engage in the next phase of your life. You will be held in an amazing container and guided by one of the most amazing teachers I have had the honor of working with.


While there are many, many aspects of this course and Gabriela's work that I would love to praise in this testimonial, one piece is coming through as the strongest to share, and that is the aspect of integration. This process of truly bringing together parts of ourselves, our experiences, our work, etc.  In this course, the most profound shift for me was this melding of key aspects of self that I once held as separate. There is something immensely powerful and unexplainable that occurs when true integration occurs. I walked away with greater wholeness, power, and a gentleness that I feel comes from this deep integration and from a release of an old battle of internal separateness. Gabriela facilitates this process in a beautiful way (supported by her vast expertise in history and spiritual traditions) that lends to most profound shifts. I cannot recommend this course enough. 

Megan Straley | Therapist | Colorado, US


This is a power-packed course that has the magic to realign your soul. These classes gave me the opportunity to get to know the different parts of myself and helped heal the differences, allowing for a more coherent expression to emerge. It's such a beautiful course, highly recommended!

Ian Jin Yap | Traditional Healer | Malaysia


The deeper I work alongside Gabriela as a guide, the thicker, fuller and richer my present life becomes. Her work shows me how I might be brave enough to truly show what I feel, what I see, whom I am and long to be. I thank her and her guides to the ends of the earth and beyond for all the golden velvet black work they are doing, and sharing.

Léonie Hampton | Artist | Devon, UK

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