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 " I  think women’s wisdom traditions survived five thousand years of persecution by hiding in plain sight.

Weaving, spinning, beekeeping, baking and grinding grain, though often overlooked as mere household chores, were in fact the work of women in both house and sanctuary across the ages. The modern  distinction between home and temple, the ordinary and the sacred, simply did not exist. Divinity was understood to be in everything.

- Gabriela Gutierrez, 
The Bee Cult in Greek Myth and Ancient History




Born in Spain to a Welsh mother and Spanish father, Gabriela had an unusual childhood raised in movement. She is a polyglot speaking English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, basic Arabic, Farsi and Serbian.


Gabriela studied the Middle East with a focus on Anthropology, Islamic Mysticism and Sufi poetry at SOAS University, London. From 2009-2012 she worked as a human right's defender in Ghana, Palestine, Bolivia and with Tibetan ex-political prisoners in the Himalayas. In 2012 she lived and studied with renunciant Jain nuns in the Rajasthani desert. She then trained extensively with shamans in Bolivia, Peru and the UK before completing a master’s degree with a first-class thesis in the Poetics of Imagination with mythologist Dr. Martin Shaw and poet Alice Oswald (2022). 

Her work focuses on the revival of ancient wisdom in Europe and the Middle East. Following a decade of rigorous spiritual trainings with shamans and renunciants, Gabriela developed her own healing modality and teaching that she shares in both online and in-person settings. Much of her research and writing can be found on her Substack publication Under a Fig Tree and her online classes and lectures provide a regular gathering space for wisdom-seekers worldwide.




"Gabriela is a mistress of transformation."

Liz Granfort · Life Coach · Boston, USA


"I cannot recommend Gabriela’s classes highly enough. To me there is no doubt she is amongst the great teachers on this Earth."

Noora Al Qassimi · Lawyer at the United Nations · Abu Dhabi, UAE

 "Gabriela is a flowing fountain of poetry, quotes, anecdotes and thought provoking personal philosophies."

Britt Seel · Costume Designer · South Africa  

"My healing session with Gabriela was an answer to prayers made manifest."

Victoria Fauve · Environmental Conservationist · Mauritius

"Working with Gabriela has been unlike any other self-discovery process I've ever engaged in. She is a deeply wise and gentle guide who is helping me deepen my respect for my intuition and honor my own process."

Tracy Durkin · Therapist · New Jersey, USA


"Gabriela is an incredible teacher. She masterfully creates learning environments in which students learn profound wisdom while also training us in powerful experiential techniques that help in the cultivation of spiritual sovereignty. To top it off, she achieves all of this with a healthy dose of sacred levity, compassion, and feminine fierceness mixed with gentle humility."


Gabriela de Golia · Tarot Reader · Connecticut, USA



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Ancient Goddess Wisdom for the Modern Age

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